Myself & my husband do couples Training & get to box & beat each other up. It’s sooo much Fun- Emma & David Chalmers

I hated the gym, I hated the thought of exercise & now Scotty has got me hooked, I even got my husband & daughter into train with me now- Sandra Chaloner

I’m retired & didn’t want to get fat & decided to use my time to improve my health & fitness. The best decision ever- Gordon Robert

I needed to improve my leg strength for skiing , job done – Alison Robert

It’s just sooooo much fun- Claire Ritchie

I travel from Inverness to Glasgow once a week to train with Scotty – Mark Williamson

I travel Monday to Friday but thanks to The Equinox10 academy I can still get my workouts & nutrition sorted – Rhona Ford

I moan, I swear at Scotty & I hate getting sweaty but I still show up twice a week- Alina Shelki