​You might be a bit shocked at todays heading……….

​Don’t be shocked its all good clean fun (sadly)

When you start training or when you do a tough session, more than likely you will
be sore the next day(DOMS). This is all part of the process and if I’m honest part of
the fun of working out and helping your body change.

Stretching and good nutrition will help with the pain but nothing really takes it away

So learn to love it and feel PROUD when you wake up STIFF ( giggle giggle) yes I really am 34!

​So if you’re ready to get some morning stiffness in your life, fill in 1 of the 2 forms below

either join as a PT client


or join the Elite fit-camp team


​best of luck peeps, I’m off to stretch out my stiffness………………..

much love & peace out

Scotty ‘ MORNING WOOD”2 Hotty