I love Equinox10 soooo much I’ve decided to become a personal trainer

Stacey smith -

Our football team is the fittest it’s ever been thanks to Equinox10

newlands AFC -

Equinox10 is now a part of my life, I don’t know what I’d do without it

Louise Currie/Miller -

I love how it doesn’t feel like a gym

John Grant -

Training with other males helps push you to better results

John Flynn -

This is the best I’ve ever felt

Ian Stringer -

The dry cupping & Sports massages make your body feel sooooo good

Iain main -

I love the community & friendly atmosphere

Fiona Lilley -

The Sports massages are amazing

David Walton -

I didn’t think at 70 I’d be this fits& loving the gym

Alan Russell -

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